well hello there!

welcome to my little site! i’m just getting my shop up and running, so bear with me while i go through the growing pains of starting an online business.

i’ll start off by answering just a couple of questions for you, but feel free to ask me anything, anytime.

  • what is sweetcheeks designs? sweetcheeks designs is the product of an overly crafty engineer’s mind. i started crafting and designing things for family and friends as gifts and after hearing “you should sell that!” enough times, i decided to give it a try.
  • what do you design and make? that’s the most difficult question you could ask! i make things that i find pretty, fun or useful. that being said, the medium i use and the products i make vary wildly. they include children’s ribbon hairbows and clips, custom dog collars and leashes covered in buttons (one of my favorite design elements!), burlap wreaths, monogrammed “stuff” and pretty much anything else that i dream up or find that interests me!
  • why “sweetcheeks” designs? my husband and i wanted a dog long before we got married and during the first year of our marriage, it just wasn’t an option due to where we were living, the amount of travel he was doing and the cost of raising a puppy in general. when we finally decided to leap into “pet parenthood”, we had quite a few heartbreaks. i had finally given up and then alex (the husband) suggested we look one last place. i refused to go visit it so he showed me a photo of the puppies on his computer and i instantly fell head over heels in love with “boy number 6”. boy number 6 joined our family a week or so later (and is now called copper). he is a perfect beagle/basset hound mix and the apple of my eye…and i call him sweetcheeks :). speaking of – he’s the cutie i’m showcasing on this post!

well guys, i’ll try to get some actual products up super soon, but until then, have fun admiring my little sweetcheeks!



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